"Josh gave both my kids swim lessons and he did a spectacular job teaching them how to swim. My oldest daughter has always loved the water. He helped make her a stronger swimmer and gave me, as her mom, more confidence that she would be able to save herself. He realized her strengths and taught her different strokes she never thought she could do. My son on the other hand has always been very fearful of the water and he was more of a challenge to teach. Josh was very patient with him and helped him overcome some of his fears. It was hard to get him to even put his head in the water and now he loves the water. He is jumping in the deep end with no fear, something I was worried would never happen. I would certainly recommend Josh Spears!!!” Kendra 


"Josh taught my daughter, Addalyn, swim lessons when she was 3. She was apprehensive at first, but he was great with her. He reeled her in with toys and then encouraged her independence as she learned. He's an awesome swim teacher!” -Katrina 



"We’ve been going to Josh Spears for swimming lessons for two years. We started our son at 3 years old and our daughter when she was less than a year old. Even though our daughter was young, Mr. Spears encouraged us to get her in the water.  Even now those lessons are paying off.  She isn’t afraid and the two years with his instruction have helped her be a confident swimmer.  My son, who started out afraid of the water, quickly put that behind him as the instruction was differentiated to get him acclimated to the water.  Our family appreciates his hard work and dedication in getting our kids accustomed to being in the water and learning to swim.Thank you for everything.” - Michael 



"My son Mason took swimming lessons from Josh a few summers ago. My son loved working with him and it was evident that he enjoyed working with his students. Mason grew more confident in his ability while working with Josh and has now grown into a much more confident swimmer. Josh and his family are great Christian examples and take the time to encourage and train students to be the best that they can be.”-Angela Reeder



"Best Swim Instructor Ever! Last year we added an inground pool to our backyard. I have 3 girls ages 12, 9 and 5 at the time. The older two could dive and swim some freestyle, the younger was braver than she was talented at swimming. All three were upset with the idea of lessons in the new pool until they met Josh. He has a contagious smile that they all gravitated towards. After about 5 lessons, my oldest two were swimming backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle, and could race me in the pool. Most importantly, my youngest was much safer in the water. She could swim freestyle and had a great beginner's dive. They looked forward to the lessons and learned a lot. He taught pool safety along the way as well. I would recommend Josh Spears to anyone; he is a wonderful swim instructor!"


"Remember how I wanted Charlie to be on the swim team and we both laughed about it because he doesn't have a competitive bone in his body or any focus AT ALL?  Haha.  Well, I begged him to try out at RACE aquatics and convinced him it would be a really fun thing to do during the winter months.  In order to make the team, he had to swim the length of the pool and back freestyle and backstroke.  He did it like a champ and I was all ready to sign him up and he came to me like, "Mom, I really don't want to be on the team.  It's all girls and it's not fun.  I just want to swim with my buddies at our house, not do all that hard work with the laps." Hahaha!  I guess he doesn't share my goals for him.  He is a really good baseball player though and a great student at school.  I'm sure you find it hard to believe that he gets in trouble for talking too much ;).”-Laura




"I approached Josh Spears at Spears Fitness for swimming lessons for my boys because I had heard such good things about him from mutual friends.  Josh helped my two boys, who were ages 4 and 6 at the time, become much more comfortable in the water after just the first visit. When lessons started, both boys were somewhat uncomfortable in the water, neither liked to put their faces in and they were not able to swim.  At the end of our ten lessons, both boys were able to swim across the pool unassisted, go underwater and come back up and get out of the pool without help.  I now feel very confident that if either of them ever fell into a pool they would be able to swim to the edge and get out on their own. One thing I liked about the swimming lessons is that Josh found ways to keep it fun and entertaining. The boys especially enjoyed their “reward” water fights where they got to shoot “Mr. Josh” with water guns at the end of the lesson.  Josh was also very good with kids and the boys loved him. When we were swimming later on that summer they would ask me to send Mr. Josh videos of them showing off their new swimming skills. We found the swimming lessons to be very beneficial for both of the boys. Our hope was that they would become comfortable in the water and be able to swim and save themselves in the event of a water emergency.  This goal was definitely met by the end of our lessons. I would recommend Josh Spears to people who need swimming lessons or anyone that just wants their child to become comfortable and confident in the water.” - Michelle Brownlee, Mother of two boys





"My daughter, Sophia, took swimming lessons with Mr. Josh Spears as an instructor. She was really fearful to submerge her face underwater and we had tried many things without success. The lessons were super fun and he was very encouraging, professional and very appropriate with the exercises that he set for her age (5 at the time). She learned to get rings from the bottom of the pool, and by the end of the lessons she was able to swim from one end of the pool to a few feet close to the other end. When we took a vacation this year she was extremely confident in the pool. No fear, no tears! She was able to play with older girls and get rings and toys from the bottom of the pool! I would highly encourage anyone to take classes with Josh. He is an amazing instructor.” -Adriana 




"Before we took our son to Josh, he had never tried to swim in his life. He had had some times in the pool where he was there with a flotation device, but other than that no swimming on his own. After two weeks of Josh, Daniel was able to swim underwater all the way across the pool. I would recommend Josh to anyone who was trying to get their kids to learn how to swim or to become stronger swimmers.”-Kevin 



"Josh is an amazing teacher!!! My son went from not being able to swim and being insecure in the water, to a confident swimmer in deep waters.  He had a blast during lessons and even wanted to practice his techniques in the bathtub.  I would highly recommend Josh, and look forward to my sending my daughter to him as well!!!” -Lincoln 




"Josh Spears taught swimming lessons to my children, Max (3 at the time) and Maylee (6 at the time), at the beginning of summer last year. I can’t speak highly enough of our experience with Josh. For the 2 weeks that they were enrolled, they were SO excited every morning to wake up and go to swim lessons. Josh did such a great job of making the swim lessons fun for both of them. He adapted his style to fit each of their ages and personalities perfectly. At only 3 years old, Max was a very confident swimmer. As a parent, it is so comforting to know that my child could safely navigate the water throughout summer. One of the first things Josh teaches is how to get out of a pool. This was an invaluable lesson to both of my kids. Maylee was also a confident swimmer and was able to play pool games with friends much older than her that involved diving for rings at the bottom of the pool. Both Max and Maylee were advanced swimmers compared to their peers. We were so sad that Josh was not available for lessons this year. However, with the fundamentals he taught last summer, both were able to swim very well all summer. I recommended many friends to Josh, and they all agreed that he was the best instructor in town. I have no doubt he would be a valuable asset to anyone looking to hire him.” -Brandy