Meet Josh...


I was born In Kentucky into a family of lifeguards and grew up around the water.

I love the water and think water makes everything more fun. Most of my fondest memories are in the water.

I started out lifeguarding and began to realize how many children really did not know how to swim well or swim at all.

From the lifeguard chair I watched children struggle in the water.

I became very passionate about preventing drowning and became a water safety Instructor.

I started teaching private swim lessons and instructed for over a decade years.

I have taught close to a thousand kids to swim.

My students and myself have always had fun.  My (students) love to swim.

My ah ha moment happend when I was on vacation with my family and I saw a father trying to teach his child to swim. He was struggling to help his child to kick correctly and hold his breathe under water so I went over and asked the dad if I could offer suggestions and the dad say yes, just a few simple tips and before we left the pool his child was swimming across the entire pool.

That is is when I realized that if I could give parents the tips, tricks, and tools, that I had used through the years, these parents could teach their children to swim and I could really make a bigger impact in the world.

I have put together my proprietary 5-step process Teach your kid to swim in 5 simple steps, that I have used to teach tons of kids to swim.  I have kept it simple and fun so that you can have a great time with your child while also teaching them a life saving skill.

I truly believe that any parent can teach their child to swim and prevent the risk of drowning.

It is my honor to share with you my proven and tested method to teach your child to swim and I promise it will not only work, but you can truly have fun while teaching your child.

Lets get your child swimming!


Lets have fun swimming!

Lets swim!