Meet Josh...

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I was born In Kentucky into a family of lifeguards and grew up around the water.

I love the water and think water makes everything more fun. Some of my best memories revolve around water, beaches, lakes and pools. 

I started out lifeguarding in high school. On multiple occasions I had to jump in the pool and pull out a child that was struggling in the water, usually trying to get back to the side, or once or twice from falling in.  
It was during this time that I became passionate about preventing drowning and became a water safety Instructor through the American Red Cross.

I started teaching private, as well as small group swim lessons when I was 17, and have continued to teach since.  I have taught hundred of kids to swim. My students always walk away a much better swimmer, more confident, and with fun memories of swim lessons.

I think in life we all have "ah ha" moments.  For me it happend when I was on vacation with my family. I saw a father trying to teach his child to swim. He was visibly struggling to teach his child how to kick correctly and how to get over his fear of putting his face in the water.  After seeing this for a few minutes, I went over and asked the dad if I could offer a couple tips.  The dad eagerly, and with a look of relief said yes!  Within just a few short minutes the child had made more progress then he had the entire hour or so that his dad had been working with him. 

That is is when I realized that if I could give parents the tips, tricks, and tools, that I had used through the years, these parents could teach their children to swim and I could really make a bigger impact in the world.

I have put together my proprietary 5-step process, Teach your kid to swim in 5 simple steps, that I have used to teach hundreds of kids to swim.  I have kept it simple and fun so that you can have a great time with your child while also teaching them a life saving skill.

I truly believe that any parent can teach their child to swim and prevent the risk of drowning.
It is my honor to share with you my proven and tested method to teach your child to swim and I know it will not only work, but you can truly have fun while teaching your child.

Lets swim!

Meet Bridget...


I grew up in Ceneral California and as funny as it may seem, I really didn't grow up around the water.  In fact, to be honest, I had a big fear of water. As a child I did take swim lessons, and had a traumatic experience.  Every lesson I felt like I was drowning and hated it. There was no flow to the instructions and instead of me learning and becoming more comfortable in the water it had the opposite effect.  

Fast forward to more present day.  When Josh and I started dating, I knew he loved the water, and a lot of our dates involved water sports or activities.

Josh and I dated long distance, and Josh taught me how to swim before smartphones.  Over the phone from Kentucky he used his 5-step process to help me swim well and truly overcome my fear of the water.

We were married a year later and we had our first child.

Josh and I both taught our son how to swim at a very young age.  I was able to implement Josh’s process when he was not around.  I am so grateful for the peace of mind I have with our kids around the water.  
We absolutely want each one of you to have this same piece of mind.  If I can teach my kids to swim, trust me, so can you.  Come swim with us, and remember to make it fun!